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Scribblers grew from a tenuous gathering of five interested writers in early 1996.  The group became incorporated in September 1997 and membership has grown since then.
Its members are drawn from Mandurah and surrounding shires, who meet weekly at the Mandurah Arts & Crafts Centre.  For many years the group met on Monday afternoons, but in late 2013 the meeting time was changed to Monday mornings at 10am.
For many years the group enjoyed the expertise and lessons arising from an initial writing course by Geoff Fortune. However these lessons ended, along with Geoff’s association with Scribblers, at the end of 2011.  Since the beginning of 2012, the group has been slowly forging a new direction and identity.
The primary reason for the formation of Scribblers was the running of an annual Literary Competition in 1998 as part of the local Mandurah Council’s ‘Festival of Arts’.  This competition has varied in form over the years (more details about its history on the ‘Competition’ page).  Currently it is conducted as an Australia-wide Literary Competition, for short stories and poetry.  2013 was the 16th year of the competition.
For many years Scribblers also conducted an annual In-house Competition (for members only).  However in 2013, with trophies full of winners’ names and membership in single figures, the group produced a co-operative Anthology instead.
Scribblers has enjoyed a close association with Mandurah City Council, firstly via the ‘Festival of Arts’ and currently the ‘Stretch Festival’.  The group can proudly boast being a participant every year since this festival began.

A statement titled ‘Project Purpose’, written in 1997, states:
The Primary purpose of this project is to establish our area, the Peel Region, as a well-recognized literary centre throughout the country, and to encourage local writers to participate in this essential part of our culture.
Scribblers Constitution states it as:
   •  The provision of help, encouragement and fellowship to all writers
   •  Foster and promote the exchange of information, education and encouragement of all aspiring writers.

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